Back to School – College of the Redwoods, Summer 2009

2009 August 20
by daikubob

I had the opportunity to attend the College of the Redwoods Fine Woodworking Program (referred to as CRFW from now on) this summer for a 4-week Projects workshop. I have much to say about the program and the mini tansu I worked on in the near future. For now I am posting some of the photos which were taken during the workshop. I met a lot of really nice people at the workshop and it is rather neat to look back and see what we accomplished in that period of time.

In my Picasa web album are “Selected Photos from the Summer Projects Workshop (July 7-July 31, 2009).”

Tansu design

Tansu design sketch

Tansu mockup

Tansu mockup - mostly completed except for the drawers

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