Is This Blog Dead? (or Back to School – College of the Redwoods, Summer 2010)

2010 August 6
by daikubob

My last post was a year ago. So much had happened in one year. I completed the mini tansu, participated in Mr. Ma Bing-jian’s Chinese 5-level Bracket System workshop (see TFG’s 2010 Western Conference, switched job, and have been keeping rather busy with work.

That said, I also managed to come back to the College of the Redwoods for Yeung Chan’s workshop on Toolmaking and Machined Joinery. What a treat that was. I learned how to make knives and chisels, Yeung Chan-style, and also built a Chinese Ming stool. More updates on the above activities in the future.

Yeung Chan's cabinet

Yeung Chan's functional miniature.

Tools by Daiku Bob

Tools by Daiku Bob.

Bob's Chinese stool

Bob's Chinese stool. My bench - what a mess!

I will make an effort to update the blog more regularly. My goal is one new entry per week.

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