Woodworking Project – Sewing Table

2009 February 22
by daikubob

Dimension: 27″x23″x31″ (collapsed), 54″x43″x31″ (expanded)

My wife had wanted a dedicated sewing table for some time. I set out to build one in 2007 with a promise that it will be done by year’s end. I bought the sewing machine lift mechanism from Rockler and began the design process. Things became a little too ambitious since I wanted to use solid wood and complicated joinery, as well as employing Japanese design elements. The project was stuck in the design stage. One year and many months went by… The wife, having had to work on several quilting projects on makeshift setups like the family’s dining table and the kid’s study desk, got really fed up with my procrastination and gave me an ultimatum – build or buy, but it better be here in 2 weeks. Given the time constraint, I seriously considered buying but when I looked at the products out there, I was quite disappointed with the low quality and high price. A decent sewing table can cost upward of $1000! Time to build.

To make up for the lost time, I decided to use power tools almost exclusively and to keep the design simple. I also chose MDF, melamine board, and birch plywood for materials. I completed the project on 09/22/2008, over a 2 weekend period. It’s not a pretty thing, but is functional and very sturdy. More importantly, it brought up my approval rating!

A quick study of the design.

Collapsed sewing table for storage.

Sewing table in use. At about 150 pounds, this little guy is a heavyweight!

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